About Kyle


Kyle Selley

Kyle is formally trained in both ceramics and sculpture but his current approach to making artwork is through the use of fireworks. Following this avenue of generating visual art with fireworks, he has found multiple methods and offers the viewer a variety of unique results.  Kyle graduated from Johnson County Community College with a Liberal Arts degree. He studied ceramics at the University of Tasmania and graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He is currently applying to graduate programs in Australia. Kyle has been published in several magazines, exhibits his work nationally and regularly gives artist talks. He recently completed the Mid-America Arts Alliance program; Artist INC. He has donated his work to juried silent auctions at the Kansas City Art Institute and to the Cascade AIDS Project. Kyle teaches art to inner city children at Mattie Rhodes Art Center. He is currently sponsored by Dominator fireworks. This company provides all of the fireworks used to create his artwork. Dominator also provides him the opportunity to sell/promote his artwork at international fireworks conventions. If you are interested in his work or have any questions, feel free to contact Kyle via email: mail@kyleselley.com

Artist Statement 

Fireworks are a tradition in my family. I’ll never forget the unique marks that they created after being ignited on my uncle’s driveway. The smells and sounds that they generate fill me with an enlivening sense of nostalgia. My efforts to tame the uncontrollable creates a paradox that is repeated throughout all my firework art. Fireworks are vehement in nature and the repetitive ignition of them is cathartic. These performative actions put me in state of meditation.

Through the immersive image field and vast space created, filled with an almost overwhelming amount of visual information, I hope to provide the viewer with a similar experience of the sublime to which I experience while creating the work. I seek to create an expansive celestial realm, providing a form of visual meditation. My work seeks three-dimensionality within the two-dimensional experience presented.

I am studying to gain a better understanding of our natural fascination with fireworks and compare these findings to my own interests and sentimental associations. Unfamiliar spectacles of light seemingly ignite some part of the human soul. My sense is that there are both spiritual and evolutionary reasons for this. Through my studies, I hope to obtain a more solidified understanding of these perplexities. I want my artwork to tap into this captivation that humanity seemingly craves.